One of Maddie’s favorite toys was the push car we got her a month before she passed away. She loved riding in that car, we used it everywhere we went and she always shrieked and clapped with joy. The majority of Maddie’s things went on to her sister, but that specific toy was one of the few things that we had to keep just Maddie’s.

I wanted Annie to have the same fun experience of a push car, though, so I did some investigating and I found a similar car. My parents gave it to Annie for her birthday, and after dealing with some insanely difficult instructions, it was finally put together and ready for Annie to give it a spin.

bruiser cruiser

My dad pushed her around their street. Bampa-powered cars are the wave of the future.

Bampa powered

She squealed and shouted and waved to every person, tree, and dog we passed.

waving to her people

She also had no problem acting like a little diva in the car.

super casual-like

She was so cute in it, I had to hold back my tears because she reminded me so much of her sister.

hands on the wheel
Maddie’s hands on the wheel

hands on the wheel
Annie’s hands on the wheel

Next time I’ll be sure to get a video of her in the car. She made a lot of the same exclamations as her sister in this video. They even have the same little voice.

Maddie’s car is the Moozer Cruiser, since her nickname is Maddie Moo. Annie’s car is the Bruiser Cruiser, since she’s our big girl with the big personality.

so happy

In my imagination, the two of them are racing their cars down the street.