On Sunday morning in New York City, we woke up and headed to a performance of Pinkalicious: The Musical. If you have or know a little girl, the odds are very high that you or she has read one of the books that the musical is based on. It was a very cute show – only 60 minutes long, so perfect for kids. Most of the children in the audience (mostly girls, but a few boys) were decked out in pink, and Annabel was no exception. After the show, she got to meet the cast and get their autographs.

Pinkalicious Cast

After the musical, we went to Serendipity 3, where Annabel had her first taste of Frozen Hot Chocolate:


at Serendipity
(We really only needed one for the three of us).

After we filled ourselves up with chocolate, we walked just a few buildings over to Dylan’s Candy Bar, one of the coolest candy shops around. It’s a little kid’s dream:

colorful candy

giant chocolate bunny

There’s every kind of candy you can think of, plus a lot of random toys and gifts.

emoji fest

I think she could have spent all day in there, but we only had so much time! The next thing Annabel requested to do was to see “Something from Ghostbusters.” I took her to the front of the New York Public Library, which satisfied her surprising interest in the film.



Finally, I took her to the place she’d been waiting for since we arrived: Toys R Us.

toys r us

She couldn’t believe how enormous the store is – it’s the biggest Toys R Us in the world and big enough to hold a huge ferris wheel right at the front of the building. It’s pretty crazy. We walked through all of the floors of the store, and she picked out a bear for herself and a nice present for her brother. My present was getting a strip of these photos:

fun at TRU

We even braved the masses in Times Square so I could get a photo of her surrounded by the signs.

times square

We then quickly ran out of there (because so! many! people!) and had a nice dinner, where Annabel finally had some New York Pizza:

nummy pizza

AND, most shockingly of all, my little bird ATE IT ALL:

she did it!

I loved having time at dinner with my girl to chat and answer questions and be silly:

me and my girl

I was very proud of how well Annabel did walking on the rest of our trip. She walked a TON with me on Sunday and didn’t complain once (I definitely did – a pair of my favorite shoes betrayed my feet). We did, however, get a fair amount of subway-riding in, too, which she thought was really cool.

on the subway!

It was a quick trip, but a great one for us as it gave us a chance to really bond away from the daily grind at home. There were no debates over cleaning her room, hustling to get ready for school, or errands to run. It was just us, enjoying each other and having a blast.