A few months ago I went on a trip and thanks to lack of routine and forgetfulness, I didn’t take my head meds for three straight days. My head meds are for my anxiety, so you’d think that forgetting to take then would just make me anxious, right? Wrong. I went into this weird state where I felt like somehow I’d been slipped roofies AND speed. I was grouchy, babbling, shaky, hyper, spazzy and exhausted. And, I didn’t realize I hadn’t taken my meds, so I just was like, “wow, New Orleans does weeeeeeeirrrrd things to me! Maybe I shouldn’t have taken that Children’s Claritin with so much coffee!!!! ZZZZZZZ.” It was Brain Armageddon, but without Ben Affleck, animal crackers or my dad singing in the background.

Once I finally figured out that I hadn’t taken my medicine, I rectified the situation and then told one of my internet doctor friends. She said, “yeah, you don’t want to suddenly stop taking that stuff. Some of the side effects can be irritability, hallucinations, reduced thinking ability, bleeding from the skin, and nighttime urination.” I’m glad only some of those things happened because I had to share a bed in NOLA and I think things could have really gotten awkward.

I bring all this up because I am feeling just like this again, but from jet lag. This whole time zone thing has really messed with me. I’m  jittery, easily distracted, and in the time it took me to complete this sentence I fell asleep, then woke with a start and braided a section of my bangs. Then I got out of bed to stretch because my muscles hurt. The logical next thing to do was “draw” a “picture” that makes no sense.

This is just pathetic.

I don’t know what to do. I am not napping during the day. At night, I have brief flirtations with sleep – I’ll fall asleep sitting up, but then when I lay down I am wide awake. When I finally DO fall asleep, it’s for no longer than three or four hours. Frankly, I got more sleep when I had newborns.

I need more than four hours sleep to function. Annabel is a worthy adversary who can sense weakness, and I fear that should I get one more sub-par night of sleep, she’ll somehow have me booking first class tickets for her and her toys on an African Safari.

Just look at that “drawing.” I gave up drawing a butterfly halfway through and made it a moth! If’ that isn’t a cry for help, nothing is.