Ever since we got back from Arizona, it’s been Go Go Go for me. Which means it’s been Go Go Go for Maddie, because she’s my super-awesome pocket-sized sidekick. Which means erratic naps, which means grumpiness for both of us, which means we are both crabby witches. Throw Rigby into the mix and well, I’m not going to follow the rhyme, but you get the idea. Lucky Mike!

Because of this, I only just remembered that I took a couple little videos when we were in Arizona. Most of them are of kids screaming. Why did I think THAT was a good idea? Because MAN, a couple of those videos would be serious birth control for high schoolers. I know just re-watching the videos of three kids shrieking made my ovaries call up my brain and say, “we’re going on vacation! Don’t worry if we’re not back for a few years!” Dang, kids are SHRILL.

I cracked up at this video, though. First, my four year old nephew made me laugh when he said, “excuse me Hedder.” Then, my two year old nephew is just jumping on the bed with abandon for what seems like hours before we finally notice. Third, Maddie is trying SO HARD to be bigger. She’s standing on her tiptoes, and if she’d figured out how to climb onto the bed I wouldn’t have been surprised. And then, at the end…well, I think Mike doesn’t have to worry about Maddie and boys for a while. I know it was her COUSIN showing her the affection, but I think it’s clear that even though Maddie adores Spencer, she is afraid of the cootie monster.

Cooties kill, man.