As most of you probably know by now, Mike and I are big baseball fans who root for fierce rivals, the San Francisco Giants and the Los Angeles Dodgers.


When we first started dating and Mike’s friends found out about my baseball affiliation, they’d usually say to him, “You can date a girl who roots for the Dodgers?” He’d always say, “I’m just happy to date a girl who likes baseball!” After we’d been dating a few years, I was hired by the Dodgers and the question became, “You can date a girl who works for the Dodgers?” and he’d always reply, “I get tons of free tickets!” And then, after I became pregnant with Madeline, the question was, “Which team will your children root for?” We don’t joke about that (okay, we do a little).

At my baby shower for Madeline, my mom’s best friend Irene made a split Dodgers/Giants onesie as a gift:

Confused outfit

Unfortunately, Maddie never wore it – I was working for the Dodgers when she was alive, so it wouldn’t have been appropriate for her to wear the logo of another team. She DID go to her fair share of Dodgers/Giants games, though.

Maddie is a Dodger Fan

When it came time for Annabel’s first baseball game I was no longer working for the Dodgers, so she was free to wear the split jersey:

half good, half evil

Last week, the Giants were in town, so it was time for James’ first game. He wore the onesie, of course:

James in the Divided Onesie

Annie was excited, too (she chose to wear a Dodgers dress):

loves him

James, like his sisters before him, was unfazed by the stadium noise except the very first time the crowd got excited by something. He went from happy to this:

startled by the crowd

Oh that lip! Luckily, that sad little face only lasted a second, and then he was his happy self again, content cuddling with Gramma.

chillin' with gramma
The offense in this game is not up to par.

On the other hand, Annabel was very “Look at me, Mommy! A tall toy! Oh look, cotton candy! AND HOT DOOOOOOGS!!!”

Bobble heads


She did watch the game a bit, too, even celebrating with me when the Dodgers scored:

cheering for the Dodgers

The Giants eventually won (boo), but we all (especially Mike) still had a blast. I hope James enjoys baseball as much as the rest of us – he’s got a long life of games ahead of him!

dodger family (with one weirdo)