Ever since my mom went along to my twenty week ultrasound, she’d been itching to see Binky again. She remembered when we’d gone to the fancy ultrasound place how they gave a discount for return trips. They told us the optimal time to get pictures of Binky was 32 weeks. Mike and I looked ahead on the calendar and saw that I’d be 32 weeks pregnant the week of Christmas. Easy Christmas present! WOO!

So, yesterday Mike and I met my mom, dad, aunt, brother, and cousin at the ultrasound place. We were excited to get another look at Binky. I couldn’t wait to see how she’d grown and changed since the last time we’d seen her in 4D.

Once I was settled on the table, the ultrasound tech put the wand down on my lower abdomen…and we discovered that Binky is breech. So what should have been a fantastic shot of her head and face instead confirmed 100% that she’s a girl.

It's A Girl

Binky…just didn’t want to behave. She had her legs and hands in front of her face almost the entire time. The ultrasound tech had me rolling from my back to my left side to my right side and back again. She’d also poke and massage my belly to attempt to get Binky to move, but the baby was just. not. having it. The other problem is I have an anterior placenta, meaning it’s in the front instead of back. It must be super cozy and smell like chocolate or something because Binky refused to move her face from it. This frustrated the tech because the placenta distorted the pictures of Binky’s little face. The tech suggested we reschedule but we were happy with the result – we didn’t expect perfection, it’s an ultrasound.

Binky with a foot in her eye
with her foot in her eye

chubby Binky cheeks
chubby cheeks!

her right foot - with tiny toes!
a not-so-tiny foot, with little toes on top

face with hand
her face with a hand in front of her eye

The actual ultrasound was pretty cool, and we got the whole thing on a DVD so at some point I’ll have to upload clips. Throughout the course of the 30 minute appointment, we got some amazing looks at Binky – much better than the still photos suggest. The tech pointed out that she already has hair (YAY!), and we saw her give the camera some LOOKS, like, GET OUT OF MY FACE PEOPLE! We all saw similarities between Binky and Maddie – they appear to have the same nose and rosebud lips.

I can’t wait to see the real thing in just a few more weeks.