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Besides obsessing on Madeline’s weight, we actually DO have other things going on around this joint. My first Mother’s Day as the title character was GREAT. Mike let me sleep all night, and in the morning he brought Maddie in to snuggle with me, which was really nice. While we cuddled and watched Tivo, Mike made me breakfast. Rigby helped him by tangling up his feet and barking and generally being the Worst Dog Ever. But I digress. Mike cracked me up by pretending to be a fancy waiter, coming in and out of the bedroom to ask me my drink preference, etc. When he brought me my breakfast, YUM! He made me a gourmet meal of sour dough toast and an omelette with tomatoes, mushrooms, and goat cheese. And tater tots. I love tater tots!!! The food was amazing.

After I scarfed down breakfast, I opened the presents Maddie, Rigby, and Mike gave me. What, your dog doesn’t give you a present? You are seriously missing out. I received a few books I’d wanted, and a bee-yoo-tee-full bracelet that had Maddie’s birthstone. AND AND AND- he’d booked me a massage for that morning! He did so good. It was the best morning ever, I didn’t want it to end. Especially the part where I was getting massaged.

The rest of the day was spent at my aunt’s house, where we ate lots of food, played Scrabble (a family tradition at all gatherings), and opened more presents. Maddie cleaned up, though. Who knew that turning six months old meant you get a grip of gifts? Count me among the ignorant. Anytime Maddie gets thoughtful gifts I am happy, and she got plenty. But I’m ecstatic when Maddie gets more baby legwarmers, especially ones with skulls. Maddie ain’t no poseur.

Like I said, Maddie hit the six month mark on Sunday. It blows my mind…the last half-year has been eventful, to say the least. Not to mention the half year leading up to her birth! Her regular check-up with her pediatrician (loooove) was yesterday. Evil forces beyond my control (work) prevented me from attending, so I sent Mike with a bunch of questions. The doctor was pleased with Maddie’s development. She is above her adjusted age of 3 1/2 months as far as tracking with her eyes, smiling, interacting, etc. She isn’t quite caught up with your average sixth month old when it comes to strength and stuff like that. And obviously, she is insanely tiny. Her doctor said that we don’t need to worry about her size as long as she’s growing. So thank goodness she finally gained some weight, because she hadn’t gained ANYTHING for weeks and weeks. We’ll be able to start her on solids like rice cereal at the end of the month, when she hits four months adjusted age (and for all you newbies, her adjusted age is how old she would be if she’d been born on her due date).

I’m trying to look on the bright side – I’ve gotten a LOT of use out of her newborn size clothes. If I’d known she’d be in it all for so long, I would have bought nicer stuff. No, that’s a lie. I just wouldn’t have felt like I should be buying HER clothes when I was buying MYSELF clothes!

As I write this, Mike and Maddie are at Evil Doctor Lung’s office for, what I am calling, “The Fourth And Final Cystic Fibrosis Test We Will Allow.” This is the sweat chloride study, and The Internets tell me it is one of the more accurate ways to diagnose CF. Here’s how it works:
If only Maddie really WAS that big!
I just read that the test should never be performed on the chest to avoid risk of electric shock. DUDE. That is NOT what I needed to read right now. The Internets also tell me it usually takes a day or two for the results to come back. Hopefully that is the case here. I am really ready to put all the CF stuff to rest.