We went out to my parents’ house today for a belated Easter celebration. We haven’t had good luck with Easters lately. This year, Maddie was in the hospital, last year it was me (I had a liver infection – insert your own joke here). My mom made a honey baked ham, among other delicious things, and it was nice to hang out with our extended family.

GUITAR GOD!!!!!The real fun came after dinner, when my brother set up his Wii. Mike and I gave him Guitar Hero 3 for Christmas. I’ve only played it once, but Mike had never played. Something about how “real guitar players don’t play Guitar Hero.” Anyway. We all took turns playing it, and then it got to Mike. He demurred at first, but after we badgered him, he finally got up and took the guitar. His first song was “Pride and Joy” by Stevie Ray Vaughn. He played for about a minute before he was booed off stage. After we convinced him that it was okay, it happens to everyone, we got him back up there again. His next song was “Black Magic Woman” by Santana, and he ROCKED IT. He was dancing around like a Guitar God, it was hilarious. Another family brought together by the Wii.

The best part about going to my parents’ house, besides all the family togetherness stuff, is everyone wants to see/hold/love on Maddie. Which means Mike and I get some time off!!! We really needed it. With me being sick, Mike has been doing the brunt of the Maddie work. I spent my time at my parents’ house like this: eat, sleep, feed Maddie, sleep, take magic pain pill, sleep, eat, GUITAR HERO. My cold has settled in my sinuses and apparently, it’s close quarters up there. My sinuses are BURSTING and hurt if anything comes within five inches of my face. I was about ready to throw up from the headache until I took a pain pill. Now I am floating, floating on air. Heh, not really, but I don’t want to cry from the pain anymore. I’m hopeful I won’t wake up feeling this way, but if I do, it’s off to the doctor for me. Yipee.

Time for gratuitous Uncle Kyle iPhone pic!!!

I am all over the place. Time to lie down.