Maddie wasn’t worse this morning. So that’s…something. Ugh, I’m sick of worrying. Because of her varying discomforts (cough, teeth, PMS), she is not the biggest fan of eating. Mike is pretty sick of feeding her baby-bird style with a medicine dropper, although he would never admit it. We knew we had to think of something different.

Yesterday Maddie reached four months adjusted age. Dr. Looove said we could start feeding her baby food, but we’d decided we were going to wait. She’d had suspected NEC when she was in the NICU and we didn’t want to rush anything. Of course, we decided this BEFORE Maddie went on a hunger strike, so today we said screw it and I bought her some baby food.

I'm ready!
Ready for my first big girl meal!

I don't think this is what I ordered
First bite! I don’t think I ordered rice cereal…

This better be organic
Apple Sauce! That’s more like it.

No one said this was going to be hard
I need a breather!

Quit playing with it!
Dad, is it an airplane or a spoon? Get your story straight and get back to me.

Rigby is in on it
Rigby actually likes me!

The agreement
I told Rigby I won’t eat her food if she won’t eat mine.

Clean face
All done! And now my face is clean. Thanks Rigby!

I don’t know who liked solids more, Rigby or Maddie. She really despised the rice cereal. I don’t know if she didn’t like the texture or the taste. We would have put solids on the back burner if apple sauce hadn’t been a success, so I’m glad I got the apple on a lark.

We only plan on feeding her food once a day until we think she’s really getting a full meal out of it. Any flavor suggestions out there? Don’t worry, the dog will eat anything.