I just heard on the radio that the average American drinks twenty two GALLONS of beer every year! That’s 2,816 ounces of beer. It seems like a lot, but then you realize it’s 235 cans, or about 10 cases. Mike and I just killed three cases a couple weeks ago! Hmm…now that I think about it, we’re probably on the high end of the spectrum. Well, that’s why twenty two is the average.

When I was driving back from have lunch with my bro (and when I heard that lovely factoid about beer), I was next to a somewhat odd looking car. It had been modified some, and as it passed me I thought, “I wonder what kind of car that is.” I glanced at it’s back bumper and there, in script, the owner had thoughtfully painted, “Eighty-Nine Sentra.” Aw, thanks.