Last week Annie was a little sniffly, then BAM full-blown sick with a cold. She’s not one of those kids that gets sick and just wants to snuggle and be mellow. Nope, she wants to run all over the house like any other day, coughing and sneezing on every surface while yelling, “Mama, come ‘errrrre!” Annabel with a cold is like having Healthy Annabel, but with more grumpiness and 1,000 pounds more snot.

Mike and I got sick two days after Annie started coughing. I was not pleased. We were all JUST sick, and no one is going to day care or preschool around here, so I am calling shenanigans. My parents also came down with colds last week. We had no back up! Of course, Annie didn’t care that Mike and I were sick, and our coughs and sweats and shivering bodies garnered no sympathy from her this time around. I spent many hours laying on the cool floor in the kitchen, coloring paper and probably the tile. But, it kept Annie happy and in one place, so it was a victory for me.

What is it about illness that completely messes up sleep patterns? I have jacked sleeping habits anyway, so of course I am locked in another battle with insomnia. Annabel is even worse. Like I said earlier, she doesn’t slow down at all when she’s sick. She still  barely takes one nap each day, yet she is WIRED in the evening. Mike and I have spent the last four nights re-training her to sleep. When we start her nighttime routine she immediately starts screaming. She screams through teeth, pajamas, book reading, song singing, and then she screams from her crib. It’s just been so super fun.

Don’t even get me started on the random three am wake up.

“Mama, I tie tie.” “Do you want to go to sleep?” “NO!”

She eventually falls asleep so it’s not a horrible problem, but I really thought we were past the battle-for-bed phase (at least until she’s old enough to realize all the good TV comes on after bedtime). Last night during one of her screaming jags, I walked in to discover her trying to figure out how to climb out of her crib. She was doing this jumping maneuver where she would kick out one of her legs, as if she were trying to get it up over the railing (she wasn’t even coming close). But, the climbing out of the crib thing is something I’m really surprised she hasn’t figured out yet, and it looks like she’s starting to realize it’s something she can attempt. So, do we wait for her to actually climb out of the crib before we switch her into a toddler bed, or do we bite the bullet and do it sooner? I really don’t want to do it sooner…but I don’t want her to hurt herself, either.

UGH she is going to be IMPOSSIBLE to keep in a toddler bed. I can tie her to the bed, right? Just kidding.