Our routine in the morning has been working well for us. Once I finally pry myself out of bed, I quickly shower while Mike, Maddie, and Rigby are still snug asleep. I then creep into the kitchen and make up some bottles for the morning, and get Maddie’s medicine ready. Maddie gets vitamin, calcium, and iron supplements, along with Pepcid for stomach acid, every morning. I have to make a separate bottle for this and mix it with a small amount of formula to make sure she gets every drop of mediciney goodness. It looks and smells awful, sort of yellowish and almost oily in consistency. I really don’t know how the poor little thing chokes it down. The Pepcid, iron, and calcium are all sweetened, so she could technically take them orally without anything mixed in, but the vitamins smell terrible. Anyone who takes a multivitamin knows the smell I’m talking about. Just nasty. But, she doesn’t even make a face when she tastes it. That bodes well for when she’s old enough to “enjoy” my cooking.

Usually after the bottles are prepared, Mike and Maddie and Rigby join me out in the living room for breakfast. After Maddie is done eating, I take her into her room and change her diaper and put her in an outfit for the day. She has tons of cute clothes, so I am trying to get her into everything before she outgrows it. There are times when the outfit I left her in is not the outfit she’s in when I come home. This is almost always because she has thrown up all over herself. Ah, stomach issues. When this happens, Mike is the one who has to put a new outfit on her. He usually does a good job of grabbing whatever onesie is on the top of the pile and wrestling her into it. She then just hangs out all day in a onesie and no pants. That’s cool and all, but yesterday she had to get her Synagis shot at her pediatrician’s office. I’d left her in an aww-inducing pants and shirt combo sure to charm the nurses. But of course, she puked, so that outfit went into the laundry bin. Mike grabbed the first onesie on top of the clean laundry pile – a 3-6 month long sleeved Baby Gap number that my friends Josh and Lindy had just given her. And that was it. No pants, no socks. She was a regular Donald Duck out there, if Donald wore two-sizes too big shirts. I had to laugh when I saw it because she looked so funny – only the tips of her fingers were sticking out of the sleeves! Only a dad could get away with that.

This morning Maddie was coughing and had a rattle of phlegm in her lungs, so Mike is currently back at the Pediatrician’s office with her. It looks like she really caught what Mike had. We’re hoping that she won’t need anything more than breathing treatments every three hours, but we’ll see. She was still smiling, although she threw up twice, so things aren’t looking great.