Maddie did…OK…on the plane. I think that Mike and I were so worried that she’d freak out that we crowded her and CAUSED a freak out. But, on the Maddie scale, it was a minor upset. And anyone who was pissed at her whimpers felt badly when they saw her cute little face. She was SO excited when we first got on the plane, though.
Ready to fly
She couldn’t even sit still for a photo.

After her freak out, she was antsy for about 25 minutes before she fell asleep, and luckily she stayed asleep through landing.
I flew all the way to Phoenix and boy are my arms tired!

We’re still here in AZ, we arrive back in LA late Monday night. Until then, we are enjoying our time with family. And we’re LOVING watching Maddie interact with her cousins. Maddie thinks both her cousins (ages 4 and 2) are the coolest things ever. But her four year old cousin Spencer? I’m pretty sure she thinks he hung the moon.


Getting a kiss from Spencer.

I LOVE this picture

Playing in their pajamas.


Looking at him like he’s a God.

The good news is I think he loves her a lot too.

Before we head home we’re going to have the annual Spohr Tennis Tournament (the only time anyone plays tennis all year) and then we’re going to another baseball game and having one more meat-filled dinner. I think I might explode and/or turn into a bovine if I have one more slab of meat. But…it will be totally worth it. Meat is goooooood. Of course, on Wednesday, I am turning Vegetarian (Wednesday, because Tuesday is St. Patrick’s Day, and I have to have Corned Beef. But then I am TOTALLY down with becoming a Veggie. Like, completely committed. But…Easter will present a problem. I DO love me some honey baked ham. CRAP. Let’s just pretend this vegetarian discussion never happened.).`1

self portrait
Before we turned into Bovines.