I bought Annabel a few bathing suits last week. I wasn’t sure what size to get her, so I had her try them on (and good thing I did – size four one-piece suits are too short for her torso, size five are too baggy.). Ever since then, she’s asked me every day if she can put on her “baby suit” and go to “our pool.” I’m not sure what pool she’s referring to since we don’t have one, but yesterday when she asked me if she could put on her suit I told her yes, then I took her in the backyard where I had a little something waiting for her:

water balloons
Full of water, not kamikazes.

Annie had never been around water balloons before, but she figured out what to do immediately.

grabbing balloons

hitting daddy

She liked throwing them at Mike at first, but then he started catching them and throwing them back.


dear god please don't let it hit me
Praying he misses.

Then she got really into it, and I started to feel bad for Mike. She was really into it.

ready to throw

got him!

After she went through the first bucket of balloons I made her, I filled another bucket and sent her and Mike onto the side of the house, where the sun was especially warm. Mike started having the balloons break at her feet.

here it comes


She couldn’t seem to figure out which arm she liked throwing with…or how to keep her eyes open when she threw a balloon.



When the balloons were all popped, she made up a song about the water balloons and danced along. Making up songs is her latest “thing.”

always posing

When I put my swimsuit on Annie said, “My brother is in your baby suit, TOO?!” As if she didn’t expect my pregnancy to follow me through a clothing change. Then she refused to toss a balloon at me because “My brother doesn’t want to get wet, Mom.” Like DUHHHH.