I took Annie to Dr. Looove’s office yesterday so she could finally get her two-year vaccine. We’d skipped it at her two year well visit at Dr. Looove’s suggestion because it was going to cost a grip thanks to the insurance issues. When we walked through the doors of the office, I was so…relieved. I’ve been going to Dr. Looove since before I was married. She’s taken care of both of my girls, and Mike. Her office staff takes care of us. I feel so safe there, even after everything we’ve been through. Or maybe especially after everything we’ve been through.

The staff flipped over how big Annie has gotten in the seven months since they’ve seen her. She was in a good mood, saying hi to all the receptionists and exclaiming over all the babies in the waiting room. While we were waiting to be called back, Annie turned to me and said, “Mama, I go see Dr. Looove! And she gonna give me a shot! And I cry but then I get a sticker!” Some of the other people in the waiting room started laughing, but they clearly don’t understand the healing properties a sticker can bring.

Annie was also very excited about sitting on the exam table. She kept saying, “Where’s Dr. Looove? I want to see her!”

waiting for her shot. Not worried. So chill.

She was totally unfazed by the whole thing. She was fine for her weigh-in (34.4 pounds) and height check (37.5 inches). She did not want to have her temperature taken via her mouth (the nurse went under her arm instead). When Dr. Looove looked in her ears, mouth, and nose, she turned her head in all the right directions. She wasn’t as talkative as I would have liked, but that’s to be expected.

playing with her hair while she waits

All the nurses commented on how much Annie looks like Mike, although the receptionist said Annie is a mix of both of us so she is my favorite person. While we waited for the nurse to come in with the vaccine, Annie started tugging on her hair, which is my nervous/bored/absentminded habit. She might be a Mike cookie on the outside, but she is stuffed with creamy Heather goodness. Or something.

When the nurse gave Annie her vaccine, she didn’t even cry. She was too excited about getting a band-aid! She did NOT like me looking at her band-aid, however.

dora bandaid

Instead of just giving Annie a sticker, the nurse let Annie pick from a bucket of toys. There were tons of stickers, bracelets, necklaces, and stuffed animals, but Annie insisted on a tiny pig figurine. So tiny I was like, “Oh, let mama hold onto that for you,” and then I put it in the bottom of my purse where it will never be heard from again.

tiny choking hazard
tiny adorable choking hazard

I was proud of my brave little girl. Sorry, my brave BIG girl. Annie corrects me whenever I refer to her as a little girl.

If I smile, will you stop taking my picture?

I am so happy we’re back with our Doctor crew.