Mike has been out of town for work this entire week, so of course I got sick the day he left. Isn’t that always how these things go? The worst of it was on Tuesday, when my sinus and chest congestion combined into massive migraine that made me incredibly nauseated. I’ve never been so thankful to have my parents close by!

Unsurprisingly, Annabel and James are not entertained by me laying on the couch, moaning. Well, Annabel actually thought that was funny at first, until she realized I wasn’t kidding. In an effort to a) not burn out my parents and b) not stick Annie in front of the TV for 187 hours, I pulled out some old toys from our garage. Most of our garage toys are either about to be donated, or James hasn’t grown into them yet. Annie hadn’t seen a lot of those toys in quite some time, so this move bought me some semi-quiet time.

For James, I brought in the bouncer that we bought six years ago. Madeline and Annabel both used it, so we saved it for James, too. He’s very close to sitting up on his own, so I figured this was a good time for him to start using the bouncer.

He was mostly confused by it.

mostly confused

what IS this thing?

Annabel, however, was thrilled to see the old bouncer. She cared more about the bouncer than the other age-appropriate toys I brought in.

My old pianoooo!
“My old pianoooooo!”

apparently this is fascinating stuff.

She begged me, and begged me, and begged me to let her get in the bouncer. And I just thought, why not? Obviously my brain isn’t functioning on all levels.

ready to bounce

She was like, “Hey, I still fit!” and I was like, ummmmmm:

not a great fit

I expected her to want to get out immediately, but she loved it. Looooooved it. James was like, “Um, I think that is my seat?”

James thinks this is madness

Magic happened in that bouncer. They entertained each other…for an hour. Annie loved bouncing and spinning, and James thought watching her do those things was the greatest treat in the world.

I think I’ve figured out that whole working from home with kids thing! Bouncers for life!