Annabel, my mom and I drove up the coast yesterday to visit Meghan and her team of three boys. I couldn’t wait to lay my hands on little Oliver again. I was pretty certain I could smuggle him out of her house with very little effort…although Meghan probably would have decked me. She’s tiny but mighty.

We arrived and my mom immediately snatched up Oliver. Annie and I played with Ollie’s older brothers. Annie took a particular shining to Zach.

Annie and Zach
yeah, he’s my boyfriend. So?

After this picture was taken, I thought, “holy moly, she looks almost as big as Zach and he’s three.” I mentioned to Meghan’s mom that Annie was smaller than Oliver when she was born (he was 6lbs 7oz and she was 6lbs 1/2oz). And then Meghan and I did what any two normal people would do: we put them next to each other for a size comparison.

sizing him up
At first, they clearly didn’t know what to think of each other.

Alarmingly, Annie started licking her lips, as if Ollie was a snack.

Then, she reached out, grabbed his hand, and cast Zach aside for a younger man.

I hope Oliver likes gigantic babes.


I MEAN HOLY CRAP! She was smaller than him! Seven months ago! And now she is triple his size!

Time as flown, and she has grown so big. She has the most wonderful baby chub to squeeze and grab onto.

But remember when she was smaller than my underwear?

yes, it is really that big

I need another tiny baby. I need to steal Meghan’s.