For those of you who don’t know, I used work for the LA Dodgers Baseball team. It was a pretty cool job as far as jobs go. I mean, I worked at a baseball stadium for the team my entire family grew up rooting for. I got to go on the field, meet players and legends, and I received oodles of free tickets. Not too shabby.

Anyway, one of my awesome friends who still works for the team offered Mike and me tickets to the Dodgers/Giants game last Friday, so we snatched them up (thanks Dave!). We decided to bring Annabel along for her first baseball game. It was the perfect situation since, in eight years, she has a big decision to make.

I probably wouldn’t have brought a three month old to a game if it wasn’t at Dodger Stadium – I know the ins and outs of that place, and I am so comfortable there. Plus we had box seats to ourselves, so there weren’t people all up in our space.

One of my mom’s best friends made a onesie for Maddie that she never wore when I was employed by the Dodgers. But I figured that this was the perfect game for it to make its debut:

half good, half evil
half good, half evil

The Dodger half is for me, the Giants half is for Mike, who I’ve mentioned before is a rabid Giants fan.

Annie was perfect at the game. The noise didn’t freak her out at all. Maddie was the same way, it’s so crazy that both girls were unfazed by crowds.

Mike and I took turns snuggling Annie. I explained to her what a grand slam is, and Mike explained to her what strike outs and ground outs are.

Mommy and Annie
Dodger Mom and Dodger Baby

Daddy and Annie
Giant Dad and Dodger baby

The game didn’t hold her interest for long:

sleepy and over it
over it

The Dodgers won! Clearly this is a sign that Annie will choose Dodgers over Giants.

We brought Madeline to her first game when she was five months old. When we got home from the game with Annie, I went through my pictures from Maddie’s first game:

Hollering at the ump
Hollering at the umpire

First Baseball Game
Big blue eyes

First Baseball Game

As I looked over these pictures, something caught my eye. Madeline’s first game was exactly two years to the day prior to Annabel’s first game. I was shocked, I had no idea. It’s another tiny way the sisters are connected.