Yesterday Mike and I took Annabel to her first movie in a theatre. Mike wasn’t able to go when I took Madeline to her first movie, so we were sure to schedule this outing when we knew he could come. Monday Mom Movies are the BEST. They’re movies adults want to see, which is nice since 95% of the time our TV is on we’re watching something for Annie.

This week’s movie was the final Harry Potter movie. As we pulled off of our street, Mike said to me, “so, what do I need to know about what’s happened so far?” He was serious, as if I could explain six and a half books to him in eight minutes. I tried, but Mike kept getting the characters confused. Like Dumbledore and Voldemort and Severus Snape are so hard to follow. Sheesh.

I wasn’t sure how Annie would do in the theatre. I wasn’t worried about the noise or the darkness – the theatre keeps the lights dim and the sound isn’t nearly as loud as usual. I WAS worried about her attention span. More specifically, how easily she is distracted by other children. And we were going to be in a theatre full of BABIES. As predicted, she exclaimed “Baby! BABY!” almost non-stop, just like her sister did at her first movie.

We timed it so we arrived just moments before the movie started. Annie climbed into Mike’s lap…and pulled her blanket over her head.

scary part!

But after that, she was mostly into it.

watching Harry Potter

And she certainly had no problem making herself comfortable.

watching Harry Potter, so what.

The movie is about two hours long, so it definitely tested Annie’s patience. Frankly, my attention span is tested at that length, so I couldn’t blame her. Lucky for me, Mike didn’t mind walking around with her – he knew I really wanted to see the movie – so he joined the parade of parents at the bottom of the theatre walking their kids around. I felt bad for the two guys that had no idea they’d bought tickets to the kids’ show – they walked out after Annie yelled BAYYYYYBEEEEEEEEE for the hundredth time in five minutes (they got their money back).

After the movie we ran around in the sunlight and practiced our flying:

flying without brooms

When I was young, my brother and I would come home from the movies and re-enact the scenes we’d just watched. I can’t wait until Annie is old enough to let her imagination run wild with mine.