As Annie has grown, she has taken an interest in older kids. The older kids Annie spends the most time with are my nephews, who are six and four. They are sweet with her, but they are boys into bugs and dirt and themselves. They love each other, but they lose interest in each other quickly.

Yesterday Annie spent time with my friend Tara’s five-year-old daughter, Reilly. Annie has been around Reilly plenty of times, but yesterday something clicked with her. She followed Reilly around like a puppy. If Reilly jumped, Annie jumped. If Reilly laid on the floor and waved her arms around? There was Annie next to her, awkwardly flapping her limbs. Annie imitated EVERYTHING Reilly did, and the cutest thing was that Reilly had no idea. Reilly is Annie’s new hero.

We ate dinner at Reilly’s house. Annie is currently going through a phase where she will dedicate about 90 seconds to eating. She just wants to get back to whatever game/dance/song she was enjoying before her father and I forced her to eat. I didn’t expect Annie to sit down at ALL. I forgot that she’d be trying to impress Reilly.

Annie and Reilly

She sat at the table, on a bench next to Reilly. Every time Reilly took a bite, so did Annie.

Annie and her idol, Reilly

Annie sat there with Reilly for five minutes before she got bored. That’s pretty good for my nineteen-month-old. I half-jokingly asked if Reilly could come over during all meals. I wonder if Reilly could show Annie how fun it is to pick up toys?