Yesterday was Annie’s field trip with her class to the pumpkin patch. I was so glad we had this on the calendar because I think it was the only thing that got jet-lagged, time-zone-confused Annie to sleep on Monday night. Her class met at the pumpkin patch, which disappointed Annie a bit because she wanted to ride on a school bus, but she got over it pretty quickly once she arrived and saw her classmates.

ready for the patch!

After missing a week of school I didn’t know how she would be around the other kids. She did hang back a little, and I’m not sure if that was because of the new environment, if she was tired/jet lagged, or if that’s just how she is around her classmates. I’m volunteering in her classroom on Thursday and I’ll be interested to see how she is when she’s back in the regular (albeit costumed) setting.

The kids had the entire patch to themselves, which was pretty cool. First they learned about carving a pumpkin:

watching the carving

Annie has since told me repeatedly that she needs a “sharp knife to carve her pumpkin,” so clearly this was an age-appropriate lesson.

The patch has a bunch of rides and inflatables, and the kids had free-reign. Annie still insisted on making sure she was tall enough to ride.

tall enough!

She loved the swings and spinning tubs:


spinning tubs

Unsurprisingly, all the kids were obsessed with the inflatables.

ladder bounce

obstacle course

giant slide

The top of the giant slide…sigh. She’s been on the giant inflatable slide a million times, but she chose yesterday to completely flip her lid once she got to the top.

at the top

She refused to slide down and was running back and forth along the top of the slide freaking out like a deranged toddler Donkey Kong. Finally, a worker from the patch went up to retrieve her. In situations like that I’m in the THROW HER DOWN! camp and that’s exactly what the employee did, which I personally think is awesome.

What’s even more frustrating is that when I asked her what her favorite part of the day was she said, “The giant slide!” Oh, the big thing you melted down on? Yeah, makes sense.

The most miraculous thing is that we only added one mini pumpkin to our collection! I’m looking forward to Thursday in her classroom. I’ve been completely hands-off, letting Annie make friends and fit in on her own, and I’m hoping that Thursday will show that she’s been successful and thriving.