After Mike’s interview with Annie revealed her dream birthday, Mike and I did our best to make it happen.

First, we crept into her room while she slept and put balloons on the floor.

balloons on the floor
Not as many as last year, but she still loved it. Also yes, she’s sleeping sideways.

We met my parents and aunt for breakfast, then we all came back to our house for presents.

I am three!

The most exciting person to watch open presents, hands down.

loves her new dress

hugging her new dress
LITERALLY hugging a dress. We are so screwed when she gets older.

Then we loaded her into the car and she fell asleep.

sleeping on the way to Disneyland

When she woke up she discovered we were at…


Disneyland! Since Mike and I got annual passes after our last visit there in December, we thought a few hours at the park would be the perfect way to spend her birthday. And it was!

She got her favorite meal of mac & cheese:

lunch of Mac & Cheese

She got to “play the games” and win prizes (via mama’s skillz):

"Mama won this for me"

She got lots of attention thanks to her birthday button:

chillin' in line

She got to “ride the horses” (and mama officially retired from riding the horses until she is no longer pregnant):

on the Carousel

She got to ride the teacups with Daddy:

on the teacups

Then we met a whole bunch of her favorite people:

Meeting Jessie

meeting Tiana

meeting Rapunzel and Flynn Rider

meeting Jasmine and Belle

And if that wasn’t enough, she got more cake and candles:

so thrilled
The table behind her is sooooo jealous.

When she was eating her cake she said, “Mama, I love ice cream and I like you, too!” I think she meant that as a compliment, so I took it. On the car ride home, we asked her if there was anything else she wished she’d done on her birthday. “Um…no!” A job well done by mama and daddy, then.

Annie and Mama

Happy birthday to my lovely three year old. I hope your crash back to reality isn’t too brutal.