We’ve decided to give Annie free range in the new house. Yep, the gated community is being left behind. There are a couple areas with steps  that I am wary of (one in the kitchen and another in the front room), but I’m hoping I can teach her caution. I briefly let her have free range in our apartment last week and she fell down the only two stairs we have. Girlfriend got cocky. Hopefully she learned her lesson (but I doubt it).

Anyway, since she’s going to be allowed to roam free, Mike and I bought some basic baby-proofing gear yesterday. I went into Babies R Us all confident. I’d counted out exactly how many cupboards and drawers the new place has, how many outlets I’d need to cover, all of that. And then I got to the store and I panicked.


I completely forgot that I’ve already baby-proofed a house, and started grabbing stuff willy nilly. “Mike, do we need a toilet lock?” “Mike, look at this invisible plug cover!” Meanwhile, Mike was chasing Annie all over Babies R Us, pulling Elmo paraphernalia out of her hands whenever she grabbed it. I had to do it alone, and I think I failed.

I got approximately one million plug covers, a toilet lock, a few door locks, and cabinet/drawer locks. I had to stick with the list, lest I need to take out ANOTHER mortgage for stuff that I wasn’t even sure I’d need. I don’t know if y’all know this about me, but I tend to go overboard. Heh.

Give me advice, oh wise ones. Do I need door stops? Corner protectors? Is there some magical baby-proofing thing I don’t know about? I’m counting on all of you to tell me what I actually need, and not try to convince me to buy something ridiculous like a wipes warmer or a giant bubble. This new place just feels like it’s going to require a whole new level of baby proofing that our apartment didn’t need. Don’t forget – we’re not talking about a normal child here. This is Annabel, who literally throws her body up against the fence of the Gated Community, looking for weakness. It’s like a scene out of Jurassic Park. She’s an evil toddler mastermind and we all must be protected!