Hey party peeps!

As you may have seen in my mommy’s video last week, I’ve started walking. I’m almost embarrassed to link back to that video because man, I am sooooo much better at walking now than I was a week ago! I can now stand up without any help, and I can walk for really long distances without falling down.


All I want to do is walk. Last night, mommy and daddy took me to a restaurant and tried to strap me into a highchair. FOOLS! I spent the meal strolling around the restaurant, clutching a quesadilla while mommy and daddy took turns walking behind me. I made so many new friends! The mariachi band played a lively number that made me dance. No one told me how fun dancing could be. I was really missing out.

On the way home, mommy said something about “getting a babysitter from now on.” NO ONE better sit on me!

The best part about walking now is being able to adequately chase Rigby. She may have been here first, but it’s time she learned I’m the boss of her. Last weekend at Gramma and Bampa’s house, I was in charge of letting Rigby into the backyard to do her “doggy business.” That also meant I was responsible for yelling at her to come back in the house! She definitely listened.


With my excellent climbing ability and new walking skills, I’m pretty confident nothing can stop me now.


Look out world!

P.S. I’m going to be showing off my walking skills at the march for my sister! I know she’d be super-proud of me. Hope to see you there!