I’ve been including Annie in the decorating decisions for The Acrobat’s room. I think it will be easier for her to accept all the changes if she is actively participating in them. We’re putting the baby in what was formerly our guest room, so last weekend, my cousin Leah and her fiancé Ted came and took the bed. I let Annie say goodbye to the bed before it left forever.

jumping on the guest room bed for the last time
Ted and Leah, I never said the bed wasn’t jumped on.

After the bed was gone, Annie and I went to pick out some paint for the walls.

holding the paint sample
She was very possessive of the paint sample.

Unfortunately, she thought we were going to come home and immediately paint, and was Extremely! Upset! when that didn’t happen. She didn’t let it go, either – every morning the first thing she says is, “Are we going to paint my baby brother’s room today?” Someday, when she and her brother are screaming at each other, I plan to remind her of how enthusiastically she anticipated his arrival.

My mom came up with the excellent idea to have Annie paint something else for the baby’s room, and she brought over a canvas and some paints. Needless to say, Annie was thrilled.

painting for her brother

She was very into the different colors, and spent lots of time thinking about which color she wanted to switch to…you know, before she swirled it all into one giant greenish color.

selecting colors

taking it seriously

She was globbing the paint on…and she didn’t exactly have the most gentle touch.

double time

After she smeared paint around for a good ten minutes, she said, “Mama, I think I’m done. Nowait.” And she got down close to examine her creation.


“Annie, what are you thinking right now?” I asked her.

“Rainbows!” She replied. Of course.

She added a few more squiggles.

deep in concentration

“Annie, what’s your inspiration?” I asked her.

“Rainbows!” She replied. Of course.

not quite done

After dabbing at it a bit more, she declared it done.

Annie's work of art

I can’t wait to put it in his room.