Continuing Annabel’s infatuation with all things medical, she is now obsessed with dentists. This started a few months ago when I bought her a book about going to the dentist to prep her for her first dental exam. When I got the book, Annie was in an “I hate brushing my teeth” phase, so I was also hoping it would help make teeth brushing a little easier…I mean, I was fearing my fingers were going to be bitten off three times a day. That’s no way to live, man!

After the first reading of the book, Annie started wanting to “practice” being a dentist (In Annie-talk, Practice = Pretend). When tooth-brushing time came around, Mike was “Dentist Daddy” and he’d brush “Patient Annie’s” teeth. Then, she’d pretend to be the dentist and brush Mike’s teeth, along with the “teeth” of several of her dolls.


It’s only continued to progress. She asks me constantly if she can brush my teeth (hyperemesis makes it hard enough for me to brush my own teeth, I’m going to be a dentist’s dream), and she chases Rigby around saying, “Rigby, come here, I have to brush your doggy teeth!” Talk about getting your fingers bitten off. And, last week when we surprised her with Disneyland, I said to her, “Annie, what fun thing do you think we’re doing today?” And she replied, “GOING TO THE DENTISTS!”

But the funniest thing of all is that Annie has been insisting that she wants a Dentist Birthday Party. I think that would be so hilarious. Toothbrush and toothpaste goodie bags! Sugar-free candy! A dentist at the party! The Tooth Fairy can come!

The dentist party theme not only has to withstand the test of time – her birthday is nine months away, for goodness sake – but it also has to endure her first dentist appointment. I am really hoping that it lives up to her expectations…but honestly, as long as the dentist gives her a sticker at the end, she’ll be happy.