Maddie and Sadie both had excellent weigh-ins yesterday. Maddie had been hovering at 9lbs 12 oz for weeks now, while Sadie’s last weight was 9lbs 3oz.

They both gained weight!!!

Maddie now weighs an absolutely arm-tiring 10lbs 4oz!
Sadie is pushing around newborns and puppies at 9lbs 12oz!

Stefanie and I (and I’m sure our husbands, too) are very relieved that the girls both gained a good amount of weight. We are trying not to think about how they are still off the bottom of the chart for their adjusted age. As Stefanie says, this is LA and Thin is In.

Maddie is sooo thin, too – she is in the 50th percentile for length, and her head circumference is in the bottom 5%. She’s an upside down exclamation point!

There were a lot of commenters who came very close – Gemini Girl even guessed Maddie’s weight correctly. Memphislis came within an ounce of Maddie and three ounces of Sadie and she is our big winner! So, email me with your mailing info!

Thanks to everyone who played! Contests are fun!