Mike and I did something we haven’t done since…well, I can’t remember when – we went away together. I was supposed to speak at a conference this past weekend, but unfortunately due to some snafus it didn’t happen. I still had childcare in place (yay Gramma and Bampa!) for Saturday, so we took advantage. We dropped off Annabel and Rigby with my parents, and we drove up Pacific Coast Highway.

The weather was gorgeous thanks to a crazy heat wave we’re having. Mike indulged me and pulled over a few times so I could get some pictures.

Paddle Surfer
Paddle surfing, something I am determined to do in the next 365 days.

Standing on the train bridge that runs next to the ocean.

kite surfer
Kite surfing, looks fun but incredibly hard.

We arrived at our destination, a cute little Danish town in Central California called Solvang (one of my favorite things about California is you can drive a few hours and be somewhere completely different – the beach, the snow, or a town founded by Danes).

Danish Windmill!

It’s like little Denmark, surrounded by wine country. It’s pretty awesome.


We ate our faces off – we both gorged on æbleskivers (the most delicious things ever – basically what would happen if a pancake and a popover had a baby), Mike got a block of fudge, and we had an amazing dinner where I ate red meat for the first time in weeks…maybe even months. It was worth the wait.

Amazingly, we only talked about our kids 98% of the time! I’d say that’s pretty good. Most importantly, we were able to be with each other. We weren’t stressed, we weren’t playing rock/paper/scissors over a diaper, we were able to just relax and enjoy each other.


It was so wonderful to be with just my husband, to have the other’s undivided attention. We definitely need to do it more often….even if it’s only to elicit that happy excited “you’re back!!!!!!!” face from Annie.

Now we just need to find the time….