We’re back from our wonderful Maui vacation and dealing with post-trip let-down. Besides spending a week in a beautiful place, it was just so nice to be together for all that time, without work or school or other life demands. We slept when we wanted to, ate when (and what) we wanted to, and enjoyed a completely relaxed lifestyle. Mike goes back to work today and that will be really hard for the kids (and him), because they’ve had 12 straight days with their dad (or “Daddies” as James inexplicably calls him).

I was looking back through the photos I took while we were there. It’s so funny how something that happened only a week ago can already feel a lifetime away. I’d almost forgotten that a Hawaiian Monk Seal came to relax on our beach one day:

Hawaiian Monk Seal

It turns out the Hawaiian Monk Seal is critically endangered, so a service actually came and roped off the beach to make sure no one came near the seal – although, that Smart Guy in the picture above actually tried to pet the seal before the service came, and that seal straight-up snarled at him. I was like, “Yessss, Seal, high-five.”

hawaiian monk seal

Except, you know, from a distance.

Our condo complex had a pool, which we only used twice since the ocean was right there. We had fun in it, though – both kids liked to climb onto a boogie board and “surf.”

Boogie Board Surfing

boogie surfing

My parents’ condo had storage cubes that the kids repurposed:

furniture fun

We tried some new restaurants, like KOA’s Seaside Grill and Aloha Mixed Plate, which were both short walks from our complex:

aloha mixed plate
We are now obsessed with AMP, we went there twice!

And some old favorites, like Kimo’s, Fleetwood’s, Ululani’s, and our ultimate favorite, breakfast at the Sea House in the Napili Kai Beach Resort. The food is amazing there and you can’t beat this view:

view from the Sea House at the Napili Kai

I just saw the Sea House has a recipes page…OMG make the Haleakala Pancake, you will not regret it.

Still, my favorite moments were at the beach. Annabel made friends everywhere, but still made time for us boring adults.

with my girl

James never wanted to leave the ocean, even to nap:

napping James

Floating in that warm water was bliss.

spohrs in maui

Ahhh! I miss it already. Post-vacation depression!