Annabel is still very into American Girl dolls, which I have made peace with. I wish they (and their accessories) weren’t so damn expensive, but considering she plays with the dolls almost every day I’d say they were a good investment. And to be fair, I personally haven’t spent much money on the things – Annie is very lucky to have grandparents, aunts, and uncles who have gifted her with clothes, accessories, and even the dolls themselves.

James also likes playing with the American Girl dolls. More specifically, James likes playing with Annie, and will do literally anything if it means she’ll let him play what she’s playing. I die of cuteness every time I hear James make one of Annie’s AG dolls speak. I seriously love it when they play well together.

A couple months ago, American Girl announced they were releasing their first-ever boy doll (yes, I know about the Itty Bitty Babies). Unsurprisingly, Annabel heard about it almost immediately, and she and James decided they HAD to have it. Luckily for Annabel, she has a very, very nice Uncle Kyle, who ordered her the doll for her birthday. Because it was backordered, it only arrived yesterday.


LOOK. AT. JAMES. He is STOKED. “An American Girl Boy Doll! Look Mama, it’s a boy doll!” He seriously was beside himself.

This is the face of a boy who just realized the new toy technically belongs to his sister.

After they played with the doll for a few minutes, Annie yelled for me. “MOM! We just realized that Logan [the doll] looks just like James!” When I walked into her room, she’d changed James’ clothes so that he was dressed like the doll.


This is win-win, guys. James gets Annie’s attention, Annie basically gets two dolls, and I get the two of them entertaining each other long enough for me to eat a snack.

who's who?

Bless you, American Girl dolls.