Yesterday we flew up to Northern California to spend Thanksgiving at Mike’s parents’ house. Mike’s sister Monica and her family drove up from LA a few days ago. We’d been prepping Annie for the trip for a week. We’d say, “We’re going to go on an airplane! In the sky! And when we land we’re going to see your cousins!” Annie would always say, “Cousins! Airplane! Oh boy!” We woke Annie up before the sunrise and headed to the airport. She was tired and had no interest in walking, so Mike and I took turns carrying her through the airport. When we got to our seats she finally perked up. “Airplane! OH BOY!” I had a bag of toys ready to go, but at first all Annie wanted to do was sit there excitedly. about to fly
“Annie on airplane! Oh boy!”

We took off and Annie hollered, “ANNIE FLYING!” She started clapping and everyone around us laughed. The flight was only 55 minutes, but I wasn’t going to let her get bored and antsy. I started her off with a brand new Dora the Explorer coloring book.

coloring with Dora

I want to kiss whoever invented the markers that only color the paper. That person is a damn genius. I have never felt so relaxed while Annie colored. When she tired of that, I pulled out her two current favorite dollies, Lola and Lolita (yes, those are her dolls’ names, Lolita has no clothes!), and we took turns making them dance.

playing with Lolita and Lola
Although…Mike had more fun cuddling Lola.

As the plane started its descent I gave her some Hawaiian Sweet Bread and she yelled, “Oh boy, FOOD!” like she’d never eaten before. Then, something fired in her brain and she shouted, “Turkey says ‘gobble, gobble!'” I think the pressure in her ears lead to her volume issues, but she only shouted a few times and everything she said made the people around us laugh. Nonetheless, I still apologized to everyone while simultaneously shushing Annie. After we landed I asked Annie her thoughts:

I was so pleased with how well she did on the plane. It had been a while since she’d flown and all the factors were in place for a disastrous flight. But she was perfect and charming. She definitely earned her baggage claim dance party:

baggage claim dance party!

baggage claim dance party!

baggage claim dance party!

Now we’re at Grandma and Grandpa’s, and the love fest is just beginning.

“Annie, Kayla, hug, looooooove.”