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I used to be a party girl. I was right out of college, living at the beach, and I paid the bills by bartending. You could find me out pretty much any night of the week. Even after I got a regular job, I’d still spend most nights closing down the bars and clubs. Somehow, I still managed to get to work on time the next day.

These days? I’m still a total night owl, but I am so uncool it’s rediculous. Sure, I occasionally have my wild moments where I dance on bars and sing karaoke, but for the most part I’m in my pajamas by 7 pm…mostly because I haven’t taken my pajamas off all day.

I met up with some friends on Sunday night. I was excited to see them, and excited to be out at night, and excited because I left Maddie home with Mike! I usually bring Maddie with me to night time events, so it was a treat. I put on make up and everything! Even my hair was freshly washed.

It was a lot of fun. I caught up with my friends, listened to loud music, and had some laughs. Someone suggested to go to another bar, one in my old neighborhood. I stood on the edge of the dance floor at a bar I hadn’t been to since I was twenty four, and I looked at all the people dancing. The girls were all young things, wearing cute little heels and wedges, skinny jeans and low-cut tank tops. And there was me, pushing thirty, wearing boot-cut jeans, a square neck top with a scarf, and UGGs. UGGs at a dance club.

I had to laugh at how much I’ve changed in the last five years. Twenty four year old Heather would be horrified to hear of my fashion faux pas at the bar, but almost thirty year old Heather was rather pleased at how comfortable her feet felt. And it’s a damn good thing I didn’t have to go to work today, because that margarita did me in. My body vs tequila was a battle that took most of the day. I’m still not sure who won.

I can’t party like I used to. It’s okay, though. Now the only thing that’s important is what songs Maddie and I dance to, and how many shots of pediasure she pounds in a day. Ah, priorities.