I was exceptionally lucky this last weekend – not only did many of my friends and family members gather to March for Maddie, but a few of them insisted on throwing me a sweet shower the next day. I hadn’t wanted a shower, but they put their collective foot down, just like they did when I was pregnant with Annabel. I felt funny about having a shower for my third baby, but they reminded me that every baby should be celebrated…and that I only have girl clothes! As usual, my friends were right.

The Acrobat’s room is going to have a world travel theme, and my friends ran with that idea for the party.


thank you gifts

the gifts
The F is for the last name of the hostess who’s house the shower was at.

I was overwhelmed by the attention to even the tiniest details – there was a wreath on the door made of maps, little passports, world flags, globes and suitcases everywhere, vases decorated with maps of places that are meaningful to me and Mike, foods from all over the world (that were also on my diabetic diet!), and even the party favors were on theme: peanuts and airline bottles of wine!

The one thing I really wanted was to share the day with Annabel. The day wouldn’t have been complete without my best girl.

me and my girl

I wanted to make sure she felt as special as I did, so I gave her the sash, and she loved it. I also knew that she would be a big help when it came time to open the presents.

helping me open presents

helping me open presents

When that proved to be a little boring for her, she entertained herself by photobombing.

photo bomber

My sweet friends even gave Annie gifts:

for Annie

The Acrobat was given some amazing gifts, too:

where our adventures take us
A map for our travels.

crib bumper
The crib bumper -it’s not going to be on the crib when he sleeps in it so don’t even stress.

it looks good on me
I think it looks good on me.

Thank you to my friends and family, but especially to these beautiful ladies:

my lovely shower hosts
Leah, Tara, Diane, my mom, and Leslie

I am so, so lucky to have so many people in my life that care about all of my children, and that was really demonstrated this past weekend. Madeline, Annabel, and The Acrobat are so incredibly loved. I will forever be grateful to everyone (near and far) for always supporting my family.