Annabel’s Heroes and Villains 4th birthday party was this past Saturday, and we are all still recovering! I think we all ate a little too much sugar.

My family (parents, aunt, cousin, and soon to be cousin-in-law) showed up in the morning to help us with the party. They are always so awesome to pitch in and I’m so grateful – we couldn’t do it without them! Of course, it wasn’t all work and no play, we had to show-off our super-strength by bending some crowbars!

Super strength!
So much strength!

We weren’t the only strong guys:

Mr. Incredible and Amazing Annabel
He’s been working out.

Annie is soooo strong!
She has been, too.

Annie picked James and Mike’s costumes. I think she did a great job.

Super Spohrs

The rest of my family wore Superhero shirts, except for my aunt, who put together an awesome Catwoman costume!

my super helpers (and Kyle)

As Annie’s friends arrived, we had them pick out superhero names, then they grabbed their capes, cuffs, and masks. Not all of them wanted to take their super gear at the beginning (it was a little overwhelming for some) but by the end of the party all the kids took a cape home.




The kids were all attending “Superhero University.” I spent some time trying to think of different “training exercises” for them all to do, then finally said FORGET IT and hired Superman and Super Girl to come train the kids. After all, they’re the professionals.

Annie through the obstacle course

go Maddy!

Bella through the obstacle course

The kids looooved the Superheroes, it was really cute.


Especially Annabel:

Annie and the Supers

The number one thing Annie wanted at her party was a piñata. My dad figured out a way to make it happen. I expected the piñata to take forever to break, but my tiny niece broke it with one swing. She’s freakishly strong.

Annie takes a whack
Annie takes a swing

diving for pinata candy
Candy free-for-all

And of course, no birthday is complete without songs and cake:

blowing out her candles!

blowing out her candles

When the cake was gone, there was sugar. Oodles and oodles of sugar.

Maddy & Annie enjoy lollipops


Mike asked Annabel what she thought of her party and she replied,  “I had everything I ever wanted and it was soooo much FUN!”  She kept saying, “I want it to be my Heroes and Villains party all the time! I don’t want it to be over!” Coming down after a party is always so hard. Luckily she received a lot of lovely presents to play with (and there’s still a ton of leftover candy)!

If you all are interested, tomorrow I will write about the decorations, food, etc. I had a lot of fun putting all those little things together. Seeing the kids wearing the capes and cuffs was really cool! Plus, I liked giving them something that will last (hopefully!) that they can all use repeatedly. And I also gave them candy, because obviously!

Super special thanks to my cousins Leah and Ted for taking all the pictures!