Over the weekend our family got some exciting news: it was expanding! Luckily, we only had to wait a day to meet the newest member of our clan.


This is Yoshi, the brand new puppy adopted by my brother Kyle and his boyfriend Sebastian (they are big Mario Brothers fans).


He is a four-month-old rescue, and such a little nugget of cuteness.

smelling my lens

He was like, “What is this camera? What does it smell like? What if I lick it?”

Kyle and Sebastian are pretty excited about their new fluff ball:

happy dads

But Annabel is over the moon. You’d think Yoshi was our puppy.

a and yosh
Yoshi spontaneously climbed into Annabel’s lap, and I thought her heart would explode.

Proudest Annie ever
Proudest Annie ever.

James said, “Hi, woof woof!” but otherwise didn’t show much interest in the dog…which is probably a good thing, because we’re working on him being gentle. Rigby still gives James a wiiiiiide berth.

And speaking of Rigby, she hasn’t met her new furry cousin yet. We figured it would be overwhelming enough for Yoshi to meet our family without Rigby around, so she stayed at home. But after Yoshi is up-to-date on shots and acclimated to his new surroundings, we’ll introduce them. Knowing Rigby, she will quickly make sure Yoshi (and everyone else) knows who’s boss.

It’s fun to have a new little one in the family. Annabel and I enjoyed picking out puppy toys, and we looooved playing with little Yoshi. I also loved that I wasn’t the one who had to take the puppy outside every fifteen minutes in an attempt to potty train it! The joys of being an aunt – all of the fun, none of the work!

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