Mike and I have been wondering for months now how Annabel would do when she met Santa Claus. The only thing predictable about Annie is her unpredictability, so we really had no idea what to expect. Still, Mike and I were excited.

When Mike, my parents and I arrived at the mall, I was pretty impressed with Santa’s Lair:

Santa's lair
I love how Santa’s just chillin’ with his legs crossed

Annabel, on the other hand, was not:

not stoked on Santa

It would figure that the child who NEVER sleeps would sleep for the first forty minutes we were at the mall. So, my mom and I decided to kill some time by Christmas shopping at Anthropologie, and let me tell you, Mike and my dad just loooooved that.

Finally, Annie woke up and it was time for the big moment. Mike and I carried her through Santa’s lair, past the psychedelic present and through the big present, and then it was time for the moment we’d been waiting for.

meeting Santa
Santa, meet Annie. Annie, meet Santa.

She was in awe of him. Or, she might have thought she was still asleep and having the weirdest dream ever. She listened to every word Santa said, and didn’t freak out at all. Santa also had a very thick southern accent, so clearly he was from the South Pole.

Anyway. The picture!

Hanging with Santa, no big whoop.

She’s like, “hey, I’m hanging with Santa. What are YOU doing?”

After the photos were done, one of Santa’s elves walked us out and said, “What’s your son’s name? He’s so cute.”

Clearly, that elf is another genius.

Not all the elves can make toys at the North Pole, right?