I’m a study in paradoxes. I could easily (eaaaaasily) do nothing all day. I am really, really good at doing nothing. But doing nothing isn’t good for me. My brain can go to very dark places when it isn’t occupied. To prevent brain slipping and extreme procrastination, I try to always have an ongoing project. The project has to be A) something fun to me, a good motivator, C) something I can work on in dribs and drabs.

Party planning is perfect for this….when I actually have a party to plan. I won’t be heavy into the details of James’ first birthday for a few more months (and I keep the themes simple for first birthdays), so I’ve been looking for something else to be my new project. And I think that project needs to be actually decorating this house of ours.

We moved in two and a half years ago, and in that time we’ve decorated…um…the hallway. And James’ room. That’s it. Well, Annie has purple walls, but there’s nothing else going on in there. The rest of the house is full of boring beige walls with no character. I’d like for our house to look like we’ve actually been living here for two years, not two weeks. But, I have no idea how.

I took a quiz, What Design Aesthetic Are You. I thought it might help me figure out my style and perhaps offer a good jumping off point. I was all happy as I clicked on the quiz answers…and then it was determined I have the aesthetic void of a college dorm room. A DORM ROOM, YOU GUYS. And it’s only funny because it’s kind of true! I mean, I stop short of taping stuff to the walls (Annabel has that covered), but yeah. I might as well buy some wall hangings from Sanrio and call it a day.

I know you’re going to tell me to check Pinterest and start pinning the ideas I like, but let me stop you right there. I love me some Pinterest, but when it comes to home decor I find it all really overwhelming. I think partly because it’s so pricey, and partly because I feel out of my depth. I can do “cute,” like James’ room. But cozy, comfortable, and grown up? I have no experience with that.

I’m going to show you some pictures, and you should know that these were taken in October 2011 and everything looks the same. That tells you the story right there. In our family room, I’m intimidated by the vaulted ceiling:

living room

living room
The ceiling above the couch is about 25-30 feet high.

Our bedroom has the same problem, with the vaulted ceiling sloping toward the bed.

master bedroom

master bedroom

And our office is pretty plain, too (we’ve since added a couch, filing cabinet, and all of my craft and sewing supplies):


So dull and uninspiring! Aaaaah I don’t know what to do!!! I’m bored just looking at all that beige.

I really feel like we owe Annabel a decorated room first. She watched me put together James’ nursery and didn’t complain at all over her simple (read: plain, undecorated) bedroom. Maybe her room will be a good place for me to dip in my decorating toe, because Annabel always knows what she wants. Putting it together should be easy (in theory, of course).

Or I can just forgo the whole “Grownup Hous”e idea, because soon, Annabel will have constructed a giant sheet of wallpaper from her drawings and 87 rolls of scotch tape. I’m going to put that on Pinterest.