We got up yesterday morning, threw some stuff in bags, and drove up the coast (after dropping Rigby with my parents). It was one of those warm blue-sky days that makes me so happy I live in Southern California. We went to a hotel where I relaxed in a cabana while Mike and Annie splashed in the pool.

ready to swim

I'm in the pool!

balancing act

Mike had tickets to a concert, so he left Annie and me to have our own adventure. First we walked to the ocean.

to the ocean

hi ocean

We sat for a while, and I told Annie about the time I brought Maddie to the very same beach. I told her I was sad Maddie never touched the ocean. I asked her if she wanted to touch the ocean; she said no. I didn’t push it.

my beauty

As we walked back, Annie stopped every few feet to pick up rocks, shells, and driftwood. She asked me to hold her favorites.

hold my wocks, mama

When we reached the sidewalk, I told her to pick one to keep. She chose a shell, and said, “For you, mama.”

a shell for mama

We walked a few more blocks to a restaurant, and had a dinner for two.

dinner with my best girl

I had soup…she had ice cream. It was that kind of day.

it's coooooold

When we got back to our room, Annie was very concerned about Rigby, so we called Gramma.

face time with gwamma

And then someone fell asleep, waiting for Daddy to get back.

waiting for daddy

And now that Daddy is back, I will sleep, too.

I’m going to the doctor today…fingers crossed everything is ok.