I love local fairs and carnivals, but I hadn’t been to the county fair since I was in high school. To be fair, I hadn’t lived in this county since high school, but since we moved back exactly two years ago today, we still hadn’t gone to the fair. I was determined to change that this year, especially since Annie is now old enough to have fun.

When we arrived at the fair, the first thing we saw were the kiddie rides. Well played, fair. Annie was like, “OMG RIIIIIIIIIDES!” so off we went.

to the rescue!



I LOVE rides. Love ’em. Mike doesn’t hate them, but he wouldn’t be sad if he never went on another one again. He had no interest in going on this one:

the swings

The swings are one of my favorite rides, so I went on it alone:

Heather on the swings

It was a lot of fun, and the view of the ocean was amazing (the fair is right next to the beach). Not to be outdone, Annie requested to go on the kiddie version:

loves it

She also went back on the bungee trampoline thing she first discovered last year.

bouncing annie

She is definitely my daughter.

There were games to play as well. Mike and I usually play a few “against” each other, but Annie is now old enough to get in on the fun:

Annie throws

Mike, Annie, and my mom also tried the fried twinkie and fried oreo, but I passed on that because I’ve done enough vomiting in the last year.

Mike is excited about the fried oreo and fried twinkie

But by FAR the highlight of the day for all of us was when Annie went on the pony ride.

LOVES the pony ride

While she waited in line for her turn, she turned to us and said, “That pony is lonely. He needs me.” She spent the majority of the pony ride petting her pony and talking to it.

petting her pony

It’s a good thing we have a tiny, grass-less backyard, because I’m pretty sure Mike would buy her a pony tomorrow.

What about James? James thought the fair was lame.

James is not impressed by the fair

You’ll love it soon enough, little boy.