I loved our city life, and I still miss it in lots of ways. But life for Annie is so easy here in the suburbs. Just walking outside is the biggest thrill for her – we didn’t have a backyard in our apartment building. My aunt was here over the weekend, and she blew bubbles with Annie in the backyard for an hour. It was quite possibly the best day of Annie’s life.

bubbles with Auntie Lynn


chasing bubbles

chasing bubbles

There’s a line from the movie “Knocked Up” where Paul Rudd’s character says, “I wish I liked anything as much as my kids like bubbles.”


I’m pretty sure Annie would marry bubbles.

We love our little neighborhood. We lived in a nice one before, but the street was busy. Our new street is much calmer, and going for walks is much more relaxing. Especially for these two:

wagon train

I want to get pulled in a wagon, damn it.

Annie loves going to the playground at the end of our street. She thinks sand is the coooolest (note: I do not think it’s cool to pick it out of her hair).




It’s so easy to make her happy here that it’s hard to miss celebrity sightings at the grocery store. Besides, L.A. didn’t have Jacket next door.