One of the reasons we moved to our new town in the suburbs was to be closer to family. Mine, his, ours.

My parents help us out a lot, and we are so thankful. I like to think they get a little something out of it too – namely time with their best girls (and Mike, too).

We are all finally recovered from our illnesses, it took me a while to get my energy back. By the end of last week, Annie needed to burn some energy and I needed to get out of the house. We went to the park, and thank goodness my parents came along. I could not have kept up with this girl by myself.


It appeared to be the perfect time for the park, it was quiet and almost empty. Annie had full reign of the place and she! wanted! to! slide! I knew it wouldn’t end well…


(her only possible injury was to her pride – I couldn’t stop giggling.)

There was a bench in the middle of the play area, so I parked myself there while my parents chased Annie from activity to activity.



hi rock!


She kept talking about the “grumpy troll” until I finally realized she was referring to the bridge in the park (it’s a Dora the Explorer thing…sigh).


I need to somehow build a bridge in my house because she walked back and forth, back and forth, and would still be walking back and forth on it if my dad hadn’t distracted her with a pretend picnic.

a picnic

When eating pretend food proved tiring, she got a lift back to the car.

sun light, sun bright

For the rest of the day and for much of the next, she couldn’t stop talking about “the park with Bampa.” When I am missing my old city neighborhood, I just have to remind myself…”the park with Bampa.” THAT is why we moved.