I‘m bored. I hate summer TV because there IS no summer TV. I am currently watching the Angels baseball game…it’s either that, or like, “Extreme Makeover: How’d They Do That?” So, yeah, I’m bored. Watching the Angels of Anaheim is doing nothing for my overall mood. My job is stressing me out to the point where I DREAM about it, and everyone knows that’s not good. I think the thing that is the most frustrating to me is how I can do everything right – I can sell the package, I can get the signature, and yet, the customer still finds a way to back out. I’m dealing with that right now. I sold a big season plan on Friday, and the client was supposed to bring me a cashiers check on Sunday to the game. I spoke with him on Sunday, he said he was on his way to meet me, I could HEAR THE CROWD in the background so I know he was at the stadium, but he never showed. Now when I call his cell phone, I get one of those annoying, “The Nextel subscriber you are trying to reach is not available, please call again later.” What? What ever happened to voicemail?!?! I think I called his cell phone 837 times today, and it was always that recording. Sigh. The highs and lows of this job are killing me. I was on cloud nine Friday night, and by Sunday afternoon I was completely deflated. Why am I doing this again? Time to stop watching baseball and go see what’s up with Ty.

Let’s see, I think it’s time for a dog update. We got her fixed a few weeks ago. Mike and I felt so guilty and worried about it, like Rigby was going to hate us or something. It was a bit sad when she first came home, she was obviously in a lot of pain because she was afraid to move, even to lay down. We had to build up blankets around her so she could lean into them and eventually lay down. Mike and I felt like the worst puppy owners ever, like we had ruined our dog, but then the next morning she was back to her normal self, barking at nothing and running around after her toys. She is sitting here on the couch next to me, and just a moment ago I looked over at her because it sounded like she was eating something. Her mouth and tongue were going crazy. I said, “Rigby, what are you eating?” and out popped one of her freaking teeth. Being a dog, she immediately tried to eat it, but I grabbed it before she could. I know she’s teething, but it’s pretty weird to see your dog’s tooth fly out of her mouth. You don’t really expect stuff like that. She’s pretty tired because she had a trip to the groomer today. She keeps dozing off on the pillows here, her body flopping around heavy with sleep. I was at my parents’ house this weekend and I actually took her in their pool with me. I thought she would HATE it, but she seemed to like it – probably because it was soooo hot and the water was nice and cool. It’s so fun having little Rigby around, and she’s been extra-nice company with Mike being away. Here are some pictures of her day at the pool:

Hi! I’m gonna go swimming!

This isn’t so bad…

I like the wat…hey, is that a rabbit?

Everyone loves my sexy chicken legs.

Oh God, now Nick and Jessica’s Tour of duty is on…I think that means it’s time for me to go to bed.