Mike and I had a fun weekend up in Northern California visiting his family. We couldn’t believe how much bigger his nephew has gotten in the two months since we’d last seen him. Predictably, he is totally adorable. He has big chubby cheeks and the most gorgeous brown eyes – so dark they are practically purple. He’s old enough now to react to the people around him, so he’s smiling and cooing and talking in his baby language. Mike and I had a blast making the little guy laugh. Carrying him was another story – he weighs a TON! He’s 15 pounds and he’s only just 3 months old. Mike and I are excited that we get to see him again in a couple of weeks. Mike’s sister and I kept making Mike change the baby’s diaper in the hopes that he would get a dirty one, but so far he’s lucked out and only gotten wet diapers. We figure that during our trip to Arizona he’ll definitely get a dirty one.

I leave tomorrow for New York City. I’m really excited to see all my friends and help a few of them celebrate their birthdays. Jeremiah and Erin are having their parties on the same night on completely different sides of town, so that will be a challenge, but I think I’m up for it. I am not really looking forward to the cold. At the beginning of the week it was in the 60’s and now it’s supposed to snow two of the days I’m there. It poses a packing challenge, to be sure. I am trying to only pack a carry-on, but cold-weather stuff is so bulky! At least I can wear some of my cute hats. I am also looking forward to going to some of my favorite restaurants! I’m going to gain a bunch of weight there. Then it’s time for Heather’s Crazy 2005 Wedding Diet! I have three bridesmaid dresses to fit into, baby.

Hmmm…not much else. I’m so boring without a job. But I’m not bored! I’m still having a blast with Mike and my puppy. We found a better place to get her groomed, down in Hermosa Beach at the Bow Wow Boutique. We were able to just walk in and they had her finished 45 minutes later. When we were up north this past weekend, Rigby got REALLY dirty playing in the grass. She was a lovely shade of brown and green, not to mention all the mats in her fur. The Bow Wow Boutique washed her and got all the knots out, plus they trimmed all the places that Pet Co messed up on. Go Bow Wow! I’m going to get some puppy & boyfriend time in now, since I won’t see them for 5 days!