The weather is just non-stop out here. Another reason I’m glad I haven’t had to work these last few weeks – I haven’t had to drive far in the rain. There is nothing better than being able to stay inside during bad weather, all tucked onto the couch, with the TV on and a warm computer in your lap. And, lately, a cute little puppy sleeping next to you. I was very happy to be watching the bad weather on TV as opposed to witnessing it in person.

This weekend I didn’t really venture out much, thanks to the rain, except on Saturday. I went down to Orange County (that’s The OC, bitch) to go wedding dress shopping with my friend Leslie. Thanks to the lovely weather, I was HELLA late getting down there – in fact, I woke up at the time I was supposed to meet Leslie and Woodsy at their apartment. The power had gone out at some point in the night rendering my alarm clock useless. I think Mike and I would have slept even later if it hadn’t been for Rigby: she somehow managed to get out of her cage and we were roused from sleep by her frantic attempts to get up onto our bed. When I looked at my blinking alarm clock, I just knew it was already 10. Her first appointment was at 12 – thanks to the power outages and TONS of rain-induced traffic, I didn’t get to South Coast Plaza until two freaking thirty. I was in time for her other appointment, so I didn’t totally miss out. Leslie looked so pretty in all the dresses she tried on! It made all the effort to get there worth it.

After the events of Saturday, I didn’t go farther than 3 blocks away. Mike and I got some movies and good food, and nested. My parents came by for a little while bearing treats for Rigby that they’d picked up at Three Dog Bakery. They brought her “Beagle Bagels” and “Pup Cakes!” They were adorable. Rigby went nuts for them, she had frosting all over her face from the pup cake. The bagels are meant for her to gnaw on so she’ll be working on them for a while. Yesterday, we ran some errands and then had dinner with our friends Nora and Andrew. We saw Chris Parnell of Saturday Night Live “fame.” We tried to think of a funny sketch or character he did so we could go up to him and be annoying, but we just…couldn’t. Oh well. Then, today Mike and I saw William Mapother at our local Ralphs. What, you don’t know who he is? HE IS EVIL ETHAN FROM LOST!!! I freaked out silently in the checkout as Mike taunted me. “He’s risen for the dead! He’s looking for pregnant ladies!” I was scared.

Today we had to take Rigby to get her third round of booster shots. On our way to the vet, this old dude blatantly ran a red light right in front of us. Mike slammed on the breaks just as a tow truck hit the back of the old man’s car. He spun out, and I think the spin is what stopped his car from hitting us. I’d like to blame this accident on the rain, but this was clearly just a case of an old man who should not be driving anymore. The tow truck driver looked so pissed. At the vet, I made Mike hold Rigby when she got her shot. I hid behind Mike so I didn’t have to watch. She did really well with the shot until it was almost over. Then she started yipping and crying. It made me feel so bad! It brought a few tears to my eyes. Then we brought her home and she slept ALL DAY. She finally woke up a little while ago and seems to be her normal puppy self again, but she was a zombie earlier. Hopefully she’ll sleep well tonight. I know I will, the sound of rain always puts me to sleep.