I have been back for a month already! I can’t believe it’s been that long already. Time sure flies. I’m definitely enjoyed being in partly-sunny CA this weekend while NYC was being hit with a blizzard. At first I thought, “oh, the snow! How fun!” But then I remember how much I hated living in the snow. If I was there right I would be wearing layers of clothing instead of my brown sandals and very cute blue top. Suck it, snow! I don’t miss you.

Even though it’s been a month, there is one New York City habit that I haven’t dropped: street crossing habits. I absolutely LOVED being able to cross the street whenever and wherever I wanted. The art of dodging cabs and buses became second nature…to the point that I find myself still doing it here in LA, where crossing against the light or in the middle of block is more than just frowned upon – it’s against the law.

A little while ago I left the building to get some fresh air. My boss was off at lunch and I just felt like getting out for a little bit. It wasn’t a long walk, just to the mall and back. I didn’t even buy anything! That’s what kind of walk it was. I was distracted by what looked to be a strange apartment building across the street from the mall, so I started chanting the name of the building over and over so I could remember to look it up when I got back to my computer. I got to the corner, and crossed. Against the light. Did I mention that across the street the other way is the Burbank Fire & Police Station? I crossed in front of a cop. While my boss, who was returning from lunch, got to the corner from the other direction. While I was freaking CHANTING the name of that building OVER AND OVER TO MYSELF. Yes. The cop in the passenger seat got out of the car, but only after the siren made that little whoop noise that it is wont to do. I started chanting “shit shit shit” over and over again, but this time I did it IN MY HEAD, like a normal person.

COP: Do you know what you just did?
ME: Um, uh, uh, um…
COP: You crossed against a light. That’s against the law.
ME: Um, uh, uh, um…
COP(starting to think that maybe I’m retarded) Where are you from? Are you from here?
ME: Um, uh, yeah, I just moved to LA from New York City!
COP: New York, eh? Let me see your ID.
MESHIT SHIT SHIT SHIT Okay…here you go.
COP: This says you live in Hermosa Beach, and this ID was issued back in June of 2003. When did you live in New York?
MESHIT! I lived there all of last year. 2004! I never got a New York ID! But here is my New York City Library Card! And a couple of Metro Cards! And look, I have a New York Sports Club card! Oh, there’s my boss! He’ll tell you!!!

My boss, at this point, was standing 2 feet away. He looked…embarrassed. Less for himself, more for ME.

MY BOSS: It’s true. She was just transferred back from New York.
ME: See! I just sort of forgot where I was and it’s like an automatic thing for me to just go when there are no cars, and I looked both ways, and I didn’t impede traffic…
COP: It’s okay, I believe you. Ma’am, next time, try not to forget where you are.

Then I had to walk the rest of the way back to my office with my boss. I don’t remember the name of that damn building.