I am so pissed. I had written almost an entire entry here when I clicked on an email link. The link opened up in this window and I lost everything! Damn it! That effing sucks. Sigh. Well, I will try to remember what I talked about. Um…I complained about my job. I hate temping for my old company! It’s even worse than when I was a regular employee. I can’t wait to be done here. Then it’s onto bigger and better things, I hope! I’ve been applying for jobs every night when I get home from work, and I try to do some surreptitious job searching during the day, although it’s hard since my desk is in a place where everyone can see what I’m doing. And even though I hate temping here, I still want to appear as though I love it and everything around me. Suck.

In other news, I moved this last weekend. In the rain, yeah, and it was hard. We tried to beat the rain by backing the cargo van we rented up to the back of the garage (it was too tall to fit), and then draping plastic over the top of the van and the garage door. That sort of worked, although the wind was a problem and water running off of the roof had a tendency to pool up in the plastic. Carrying some of the furniture through the garage proved to be more trouble than it was worth, since doing that meant navigating heavy pieces through a narrow hallway and the laundry room. My dad and Mike ended up hustling a lot of stuff through the front door with towels thrown on top to protect what they were carrying from the rain. It was hard! I felt so bad for them. While they were doing that, my mom and I carried boxes and other random things out to Mike’s car and loaded them up. Luckily it wasn’t raining when we were unloading later at Mike’s place. We managed to get everything in and most of the furniture set up before my parents have to leave. I was totally overwhelmed with all the stuff that was piled up everywhere, but my parents nicely volunteered to come back the next day and help me go through it all. We managed to go through most of the boxes, and we got the kitchen all squared away. Now it’s mostly random stuff everywhere, including almost all of my CDs, so this weekend that is my big project! That, and my closet. Oy.

I’m glad it’s stopped raining here finally. I personally don’t mind the rain. Having spent the last year in weather-loving NYC, I’m used to rain. So many areas are having problems here, I’ve never seen anything like it. I remember during my freshman year of college it seemed like it rained every other day, and that was nothing compared to what we just went through. The area needs to dry out so those problem areas can get fixed up. Soon everything will be green and pretty and I can lay out in the sun!

Can I go yet?