So cold….so cold. We’ve got record low temps here in the northeast, peeps. I am not a fan, as we all know. Although, I would not mind if there was snow! The first snows are always so lovely. So, let’s get some snow if it’s gonna be so damn cold! Stupid weather…grr. My radiator has been going full blast. It hasn’t been too noisy so far, so let’s hope it stays that way. Those nights where it clanks and bangs and gurgles are pure torture.

So, Mike left today! I am so sad. I was telling Woodsy that this time I feel so much sadder than I usually do. Maybe it’s the weather, or the fact that I am about to spend Thanksgiving and Christmas away from him (Thanksgiving away from EVERYONE, for that matter), that’s making me more depressed about his departure than I usually am. Luckily my mom and her friend arrive later tonight and they are in the city through the weekend. They’re here for a surprise birthday party for one of their friends. It’s supposed to rain tomorrow, but otherwise (besides the f*(7%$@ cold) the weather should be nice for them.

So, getting back to Mike. We had a great time when he was here, as evidenced by my tightened wardrobe. We always eat our way through the city when he’s here, and this was no exception. I also tend to drink more when he’s here (my friends are laughing now), so that adds to the waist expansion. I am washing all my jeans right now, so getting dressed tomorrow is not going to be fun. This calls for some serious celery chomping in preparation for the holidays.

Um, yeah, so getting back to Mike, again. We ate a lot, which I covered. We had a great anniversary weekend. It started Friday night at a little French place near my apartment, Bandol Bistro. After dinner we went home and he gave me three awesome presents: The O.C. Mix 1 and Mix 2, and a purse that I had been coveting for quite some time. I gave him a shirt, a magazine subscription, and membership in the San Francisco Giants fan club. Yay presents!!! They are so fun. The next day, we got up early, rented a car, and headed out to Cooperstown. Mike was a bit nervous driving through the city, but it was really easy that early in the morning, and it’s actually very simple to get out of the city – who knew?

I have to be that person…I have to leave, so part 2 of my trip tomorrow!