As if leaving Hawaii wasn’t hard enough, it’s gotten cold here in New York. Not snow-weather yet or anything like that, but I could feel the difference in the air when I stepped outside at JFK. There was no more humidity, and even though I was wearing pants, a long sleeved shirt, and a sweat shirt, I was still a bit cold. When I woke up yesterday morning, it was in the 40’s! I guess its most definitely fall. However, during the day it’s really not that bad. Right now its 59 degrees, but it got up to 69 (hee) degrees yesterday. Having arrived in New York last year after winter had firmly grasped the city, I have never experienced the fading of fall in the Big Apple. If it is anything like spring fading into summer, than I know it will only last for approximately nine days. I don’t know what to wear when it starts to get cold. I have like, 3 pairs of closed toe shoes that are comfortable, and I just can’t make myself wear boots yet. It doesn’t feel right. So I have a lot of confusion when I dress in the morning. I made the “mistake” of wearing flip flops into work on Monday and had two different people chastise me, “don’t you know its cold outside?” It was 65, but whatever. I was flaunting my tan, they were just jealous. I guess I made the right decision in sending back most of my warm-weather clothes with my mom from Hawaii. I don’t have room for them in my apartment; some people spend money on putting their clothes in storage when the seasons change. I call those people rich.

I had a scary thing happen to me in Hawaii. I was at the beach bar at the Napili Kai (have I mentioned that I love that place?), and I ordered a fruity frothy drink, as is the law in the Islands. The female server took a look at me, then asked, “Are you 21?” For some reason, my mom gets such a kick out of me getting carded, I don’t know why. Maybe it makes her feel younger when people don’t think her daughter looks 21. She shouldn’t worry because she is still bee-yoo-tee-ful. I replied back, “yes, I am over 21, actually,” as I bent down to pull my I.D. out of my bag. The server, who had to be at least 40 herself, said, “I don’t need to see your I.D., just take your sunglasses off.” I did, confused, and the woman stared at my eyes, then said, “Yep. Over 21.” WHAT? What did she see in my eyes? WHAT’S WRONG WITH MY EYES?!?!?! My hands shot up reflexively and started rubbing the skin around my eyes, while my mom and aunt and two other older ladies nearby laughed evilly. Do I have crow’s feet or something? It was bright out, I was squinting! Everyone’s eyes crinkle when they squint! I need some eye cream. For the rest of my time at that bar, I used my wrinkly old-looking elderly eyes to give that server dirty looks.

My friends Leigh, Walshy, and I have been talking about going to Boston for a while now. Back in like, July, we picked this weekend as the best weekend to go. If Walshy and I had used our brains, we would have realized that baseball playoffs would be in full swing by then, but why would we use our brains? So we are going to Boston this weekend and it is going to be INSANE thanks to the playoff game against the Yankees. We were so worried about Boston fans that we’re not renting a car to go there – we didn’t want our New York plates to attract attention. Before you go saying that I think Boston fans are thugs, it was Walshy who made this decision, and he is FROM Boston. It takes one to know one or something. Anyway, we are taking the Chinatown Bus to Boston. That should be…interesting. I have no idea what to expect, so I’m going to try not to expect anything. I’m excited to go to Boston. I haven’t been there since the summer before my senior year in high school during the Big College Tour, so this will be a totally different experience. I remember when I was there I thought that everything was so cute, and I definitely thought that I could live there and go to school there…until I started thinking about the weather. Funny, isn’t it. Tomorrow we will mostly be in bars watching sports (USC and Sox/Yanks, natch), and then Sunday will be the sights day. Good times!