Ever have one of those days where you wake up and you know that you just can’t deal with whatever it is you have to do that day? Well, I had myself one of those days last week. I, uh, didn’t go to work, and instead I had a day that was all for me. It was the best thing I have done for myself in ages, actually – even better than finally doing 4 months worth of dry cleaning. Unlike most sick days, however, I did not spend this one on the couch watching Oprah (not that I ever watch Oprah, I am always at work). Nay, I actually made the most of my day! And the crazier thing was, I managed to not spend tons of money! Nuts.

I started my day by waking up at the normal time, but I took my time getting ready. I then went to get a facial! My parents gave me a gift certificate to a spa back in June for my birthday and I thought it was high time I used it. I’d never had a facial before, and my uh, facialist, was stunned by that, “Should I call 9-1-1?” Oh, so funny, you witty German Facialist you. At first it was so nice…a lovely massage of my face, neck, and back, along with some very nice-smelling lotions. She even gave me a hand massage! After she rubbed my hands into submission she wrapped them up and placed them in heated mitts. So nice – or so I thought at the time. I was steamed for 10 minutes, and then the torture started. I’d heard about “extractions” during facials, but no one told me it felt like fucking knitting needles being driven through my skin! My eyes were seriously watering, and I suddenly realized why my hands were trapped in those warm padded mitts. I bit my tongue and prayed for it to be over! Finally my crazy German Facialist said, “I have to stop know. Your skin, it is bright red. I did major problem spots, you need to come back because there are more” Oh. Well, thanks for that self-esteem boost, lady. She must have known I was vulnerable because she then managed to get my consent for some other like, exfoliating thing that I “really needed for my skin.” Wah! By the end of the facial I was convinced my face would be fire-engine red, but when I looked in a mirror there was just a bit of color in my cheeks. Of course, German Facialist took credit for that, “I am good, I got out bright red color, eh? You come back in 5 weeks, you have lots of problems.” Sob!

After I broke away from the crazy lady, I went down to the Meatpacking District for a haircut. It had been rescheduled a couple of times, so I was glad the day was finally upon me with no cancellations. I participated in the Bumble and bumble Model Project. To become a hair model, you have to fill out a questionnaire, go to the salon to be evaluated, and then finally scheduled for a cut. They make it seem like brand-new stylists will be cutting your hair, but actually they are stylists from all over the country who have been cutting hair for a long time that just want to learn new techniques. The girl who cut my hair was so cute. She’s from San Diego and had been having a total blast in the City. She was a little funky, just the way I like my stylists to be. She gave me a GREAT cut. Lots of piece-y layers, with long bangs in the front. Its fun, I like it a lot. I spent an extra 20 minutes this morning doing my hair, only to have it all fall approximately 3 seconds after I walked outside thanks to the 100% humidity. Ugh.

After the hair salon I jumped on the subway down to Battery Park, where I bought a ticket for the Statue of Liberty Ferry. I really could not have picked a better day to go out to Liberty Island, it was gorgeous and sunny and not too windy. I really enjoyed the boat ride out, and I took 8,000 pictures from the water of Manhattan, the bridges, the statue, and the different islands. It wasn’t too crowded on Liberty Island, which was nice. I was able to walk around without bumping into people, and some parts of the island were actually quite peaceful. I took some great shots of the statue, too. I have to confess, I didn’t get off the boat at Ellis Island. At that point it was 5:30 and I was tired and hungry. I know I’ll be back there in the near future with at least one of my visitors, so I will make sure to get off the boat then. Once I got back uptown, I went to a new restaurant down the street from my apartment. It was good food, but the service was very slow – slow enough to keep me from going back, which is disappointing. Oh well, it’s not like there aren’t eight hundred thousand other restaurants I can try.

I have been working long hours in preparation for my VACATION! Woo, less than two days away. Even with it coming on the heels of my mental health day, I NEED this vacation. Work is extremely frustrating right now, with everyone being told different things, and I just need to be away. I will miss my friends while I’m gone, but they see that I am very close to exploding. You know how when you’re mad people tell you to count to 10? Well, I have been counting things to pack. It’s effective! I am going to start packing and cleaning tonight, so that tomorrow I don’t have as much to do. My super shuttle is picking me up at 4:10 AM on Thursday! Holy moly, that’s early. I’m going to be exhausted when I arrive on Maui…good thing I’ll be on vacation!