Effing subways! They have been having some serious problems lately, but none had really made a difference in my commute until the other day. I had an appointment in midtown at 9:30 am, about 9 blocks from my office. I hopped on the 6 and got to my transfer station with no problem. As I walked to my platform, I saw a train on my side of the tracks, stopped. I hurried up, thinking it was a train I could get on. As I got closer, I kept waiting for the doors to open. They didn’t. I could see the people inside making, “what the hell?!” faces. Thinking it was just a door problem, I kept walking toward the end of the platform only to discover that the train had started pulling out of the station before it stopped. That wasn’t good. It was stalled. I could see a train waiting in the tunnel. I was like a spectator at a tennis match looking between the two trains. I finally looked at my watch and saw it was 9:05. I made the executive decision to leave the station to try to catch a bus. I still had 25 minutes and if I could get a bus quickly I would be able to get across town quickly enough to walk the last few blocks. However, when I got above ground that idea was quickly squashed – it was bumper to bumper on the bus route, without a bus in sight. Crap! I started trying to hail a cab, running around for the best position on the street. When I managed to grab one and the driver asked me where I was going, he said, “oh, no, all the roads are closed, it’s the U.N.” Damn the UN! I begged him to get me as close as possible to my destination, as it was now 9:15 and I was starting to freak out. We had to drive 14 blocks in the wrong direction and go through the park…just like every other damn car. I finally got to my appointment 10 minutes late, after jumping out of my cab when we were 4 block away and RUNNING. Not a monumental amount of time, but I hate being late. Later that night, the traffic was still so messed up that Senator Kerry was forced to leave his car and walk to the U.N. Gotta love that City traffic.

I have been so tired lately. At work, I struggle to keep my eyes open. The thing that sucks, though is that I wouldn’t be able to fall asleep once I got home. It’s just the most frustrating thing. Luckily last night I fell into a very deep sleep, and I felt a bit more rested when I woke up this morning as opposed to the others this week. I’m hoping tonight I’ll fall asleep with no problems and I will feel even better tomorrow, too. I just can’t keep sucking down coffee to stay awake…my addiction to caffeine can’t handle it! And then I have to keep upping my coffee intake, and the next thing you know, I’m drinking 800 cups of coffee a day. Not good, especially when you get super hyper on caffeine like I do. In an attempt to wake myself up, I went to Macy’s on my lunch break and returned a pair of shoes I bought. I really, really liked them, liked them so much that when the shoeman told me they didn’t have an 8, only a 7 1/2 I bought the 7 1/2. When I got home and squeezed my feet into them, I realized how crazy I was. After I returned the shoes, I walked over to the MAC makeup counter. I had the nicest chick help me. There is nothing like a makeup artist working on commission to make you feel better about yourself. “Oh, this color would look SO GOOD with your eyes, they are just so beautiful.” “I think this shimmer would really highlight those AMAZING cheekbones you have.” “These shadows would look FABULOUS with your coloring.” I walked out of there with a rainbow on each eyelid and more confidence in the form of a bag of cosmetics. I love buying happiness.

This is my last weekend in NYC before I ship off to Hawaii next Thursday! I know, you hate me. I am so ready for this vacation. I have a lot to do before I leave, though. First, I MUST clean my apartment. I am going to be gone for 10 days and I don’t want to come back to a messy place, especially since when I return I’ll have spent the previous 18 hours traveling. I have to organize all of my summer-weather clothes, because those are going back to Cali with my parents. I need to, um, uh…I know there is other stuff I have to do! I just don’t remember off the top of my head. Pay my bills! Pay my rent! See, there is some stuff. Saturday will be totally shot because of college football (Go USC!), so Sunday is errand day. I’m really not looking forward to how long it is going to take me to get to Hawaii and back. ESPECIALLY since I watched that new show Lost last night. It is so good, but holy crap, I had to fast forward through the parts on the plane! Not something I needed to see with 21 hours of plane flights ahead of me. Okay, I know you feel sooooo sorry for the girl going to Hawaii. I’ll stop now.